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CV1000 – System Configuration

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CV1000 clears the hurdle in Live Cell Imaging           Attachment From high-end multi-point, long-term time lapse imaging to single shots of […]

Specifications   Confocal Scanner System Model CV1000 Main unit Type 3-color model 2-color model Single-color model Basic model Confocal scanning method Microlens enhanced dual Nipkow […]

6th June 2017

CV1000 – Yokogawa

All-in-One Confocal Imaging Solution: The Ideal Tool for Long-Term Live Cell Imaging The CellVoyager CV1000 Confocal Scanner System is a fully integrated desktop imaging system. […]

6th June 2017

CQ1 – Specifications

Specifications   Item Specifications Optics Microlens enhanced dual wide Nipkow disk confocal, Phase contrast (Optional add-on) Laser/Filter Laser : Choose 2-4 lasers from 405/488/561/640nm, 10-position […]

Multiple functions fully integrated in a compact box Compact design contains fully integrated multiple functions to offer easy-to-handle confocal imaging system, without a need for […]

Our DeltaVision products provide comprehensive microscopy imaging solutions to help scientists address disease-related questions for cellular and subcellular analyses beyond the limitations of conventional methods. […]

24th May 2017

Objective Lenses

Olympus UIS2 Objective Lenses guarantee the quality, flexibility and outstanding optical performance from visible light to near infrared light. Depending on requirements, extensive lineup ensure […]

Research Macro Zoom Microscope, MVX10 provides a solution to researchers interested in the impact of gene expression and protein function at the cellular level as […]

24th May 2017

Stereo Microscopes

The Olympus stereomicroscope series is designed to increase contrast and resolution for obtaining the highest image quality during macro observation at low magnification, as well […]

24th May 2017

Upright Microscopes

Olympus upright microscopes define the standard in microscopy – robust to endure the rigors of education, highly reliable and ergonomic to meet clinical lab expectations, […]