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Evident/Olympus Microscopes


Upright Microscopes

Evident/Olympus upright microscopes offer excellent ergonomics for comfortable operation and high-quality optics for high color reproducibility. Modular options enable different observation styles like brightfield, darkfield, polarization, phase contrast, and fluorescence. Shop a range of manual and automated upright microscope models ideal for pathology and cytology research, clinical laboratory research, and more.

Inverted Microscopes

Our lineup of high-performance inverted microscopes can enable the accuracy and repeatability you need for efficient research experiments. Discover our range of Olympus inverted microscope systems, such as super resolution, compound, TIRF imaging, and confocal microscopy solutions. Find high-resolution microscope models ideal for routine experiments, fluorescence imaging, and dynamic live cell observation.

Stereo Microscopes

Evident/Olympus stereo microscopes combine high-quality optics with great ergonomics for comfortable observation and excellent image quality at low and high magnification. Speed up routine research with a wide zoom ratio for smooth macro-to-micro viewing. Check out our stereo microscope models ideal for brightfield, oblique, and advanced fluorescence observation.

Research Macro Zoom Microscopes

Learn more about the Evident/Olympus MVX10 research macro zoom microscope. This high-precision microscope bridges the gap between macro and micro observation and provides outstanding brightness and resolution. Enable advanced fluorescence imaging of whole organisms as well as detailed observation of gene expression at the cellular level.