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Research | 21 June 2019
Identification of HIV transmitting CD11c+ human epidermal dendritic cells
Kirstie M. Bertram, Rachel A. Botting[…]Andrew N. Harman
Nature Communications 10 , 1–15


Research | 14 June 2019
NDP52 tunes cortical actin interaction with astral microtubules for accurate spindle orientation
Huijuan Yu, Fengrui Yang[…]Xuebiao Yao
Cell Research , 1–14


Research | 24 May 2019
The cell-wide web coordinates cellular processes by directing site-specific Ca2+ flux across cytoplasmic nanocourses
Jingxian Duan, Jorge Navarro-Dorado[…]A. Mark Evans
Nature Communications 10 , 1–12


Research | 24 September 2018
Genome-wide screening of NEAT1 regulators reveals cross-regulation between paraspeckles and mitochondria
Yang Wang, Shi-Bin Hu[…]Ling-Ling Chen
Nature Cell Biology 20 , 1145–1158


Research | 19 June 2019
PTPN21 and Hook3 relieve KIF1C autoinhibition and activate intracellular transport
Nida Siddiqui, Alexander James Zwetsloot[…]Anne Straube
Nature Communications 10 , 1–16


Research | 14 June 2019
BubR1 phosphorylates CENP-E as a switch enabling the transition from lateral association to end-on capture of spindle microtubules
Yuejia Huang, Lin Lin[…]Xuebiao Yao
Cell Research , 1–17


Protocols | 8 April 2019
RNase A treatment and reconstitution with DNA damage response RNA in living cells as a tool to study the role of non-coding RNA in the formation of DNA damage response foci
Flavia Michelini, Francesca Rossiello[…]Sofia Francia
Nature Protocols 14 , 1489–1508


Research | 8 February 2018
Epothilone B Speeds Corneal Nerve Regrowth and Functional Recovery through Microtubule Stabilization and Increased Nerve Beading
Hanqing Wang, Chengju Xiao[…]Zhijie Li
Scientific Reports 8 , 1–14


Research | 11 March 2019
AMPK-mediated activation of MCU stimulates mitochondrial Ca2+ entry to promote mitotic progression
Haixin Zhao, Teng Li[…]Xin Pan
Nature Cell Biology 21 , 476–486


Research | 29 May 2019
Atypical function of a centrosomal module in WNT signalling drives contextual cancer cell motility
Yi Luo, Miriam Barrios-Rodiles[…]Laurence Pelletier
Nature Communications 10 , 1–20


Research | 24 June 2019
Structural basis of tubulin detyrosination by vasohibins
Faxiang Li, Yingjie Hu[…]Hongtao Yu
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology , 1–9


Research | 24 June 2019
Long-term implant fibrosis prevention in rodents and non-human primates using crystallized drug formulations
Shady Farah, Joshua C. Doloff[…]Daniel G. Anderson
Nature Materials , 1–13


Research | 17 June 2019
Sensory lesioning induces microglial synapse elimination via ADAM10 and fractalkine signaling
Georgia Gunner, Lucas Cheadle[…]Dorothy P. Schafer
Nature Neuroscience 22 , 1075–1088


Research | 15 May 2018
Homotypic endothelial nanotubes induced by wheat germ agglutinin and thrombin
Lucia Pedicini, Katarina T. Miteva[…]Lynn McKeown
Scientific Reports 8 , 1–12


Research | 30 January 2018
c-Src activity is differentially required by cancer cell motility modes
Jeremy S. Logue, Alexander X. Cartagena-Rivera & Richard S. Chadwick
Oncogene 37 , 2104–2121


Research | 16 January 2019
A conserved dimer interface connects ERH and YTH family proteins to promote gene silencing
Guodong Xie, Tommy V. Vo[…]Shiv I. S. Grewal
Nature Communications 10 , 1–15


Research | 6 March 2017
The tetrameric kinesin Kif25 suppresses pre-mitotic centrosome separation to establish proper spindle orientation
Justin Decarreau, Michael Wagenbach[…]Linda Wordeman
Nature Cell Biology 19 , 384–390


Research | 31 January 2017
A new model of sperm nuclear architecture following assessment of the organization of centromeres and telomeres in three-dimensions
…capture images in 3D using DeltaVision (Applied Precision, WA,… …using the same standard settings (DeltaVision – SoftWoRx -V 5….
Dimitrios Ioannou, Nicole M. Millan[…]Helen G. Tempest
Scientific Reports 7


Research | 23 April 2019
Oscillatory cAMP cell-cell signalling persists during multicellular Dictyostelium development
Gail Singer, Tsuyoshi Araki & Cornelis J. Weijer
Communications Biology 2 , 1–12


Research | 25 January 2017
Survival rate of eukaryotic cells following electrophoretic nanoinjection
…was carried out with a DeltaVision Elite Imaging System (GE…
Matthias Simonis, Wolfgang Hübner[…]Simon Hennig
Scientific Reports 7


Research | 22 April 2019
Long-range interactions between topologically associating domains shape the four-dimensional genome during differentiation
Jonas Paulsen, Tharvesh M. Liyakat Ali[…]Philippe Collas
Nature Genetics 51 , 835–843


Research | 3 June 2019
Loss of PICH promotes chromosome instability and cell death in triple-negative breast cancer
Yan Huang, Wanjin Li[…]Tao Zhou
Cell Death & Disease 10 , 1–13


Research | 3 June 2019
DNA replication acts as an error correction mechanism to maintain centromere identity by restricting CENP-A to centromeres
Yael Nechemia-Arbely, Karen H. Miga[…]Don W. Cleveland
Nature Cell Biology 21 , 743–754


Research | 4 March 2019
Chromosome segregation errors generate a diverse spectrum of simple and complex genomic rearrangements
Peter Ly, Simon F. Brunner[…]Don W. Cleveland
Nature Genetics 51 , 705–715


Research | 28 May 2019
SORLA regulates endosomal trafficking and oncogenic fitness of HER2
Mika Pietilä, Pranshu Sahgal[…]Johanna Ivaska
Nature Communications 10 , 1–16


Research | 27 May 2019
The bipartite TAD organization of the X-inactivation center ensures opposing developmental regulation of Tsix and Xist
Joke G. van Bemmel, Rafael Galupa[…]Edith Heard
Nature Genetics 51 , 1024–1034


Research | 27 May 2019
Heterogeneous GM-CSF signaling in macrophages is associated with control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Bryan D. Bryson, Tracy R. Rosebrock[…]Sarah M. Fortune
Nature Communications 10 , 1–11


Research | 1 April 2019
Mitotic regulators and the SHP2-MAPK pathway promote IR endocytosis and feedback regulation of insulin signaling
Eunhee Choi, Sotaro Kikuchi[…]Hongtao Yu
Nature Communications 10 , 1–17


Research | 23 November 2017
The responses of cancer cells to PLK1 inhibitors reveal a novel protective role for p53 in maintaining centrosome separation
Linda Smith, Raed Farzan[…]David W. Meek
Scientific Reports 7 , 1–12


Research | 8 September 2017
Transcription factors NRF2 and HSF1 have opposing functions in autophagy
Sharadha Dayalan Naidu, Dina Dikovskaya[…]Albena T. Dinkova-Kostova
Scientific Reports 7 , 1–12


Research | 20 May 2019
A bacterial effector deubiquitinase specifically hydrolyses linear ubiquitin chains to inhibit host inflammatory signalling
Muyang Wan, Xiaofei Wang[…]Yongqun Zhu
Nature Microbiology , 1–12


Research | 23 April 2019
Nuclear membrane protein Lem2 regulates nuclear size through membrane flow
Kazunori Kume, Helena Cantwell[…]Paul Nurse
Nature Communications 10 , 1–8


Research | 11 March 2019
Molecular architecture of a cylindrical self-assembly at human centrosomes
Tae-Sung Kim, Liang Zhang[…]Kyung S. Lee
Nature Communications 10 , 1–15


Research | 14 May 2019
Kinesin-6 Klp9 plays motor-dependent and -independent roles in collaboration with Kinesin-5 Cut7 and the microtubule crosslinker Ase1 in fission yeast
Masashi Yukawa, Masaki Okazaki[…]Takashi Toda
Scientific Reports 9 , 1–15