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Imsol Products

Scientific and Industrial Digital Imaging is our core business.
We provide systems to life sciences and industry, we enable scientists and engineers to get results.
Our people are our strength. In all positions we have the skills and experience to exceed our customers’ expectations.
We offer consultancy, manufacturing expertise and bespoke programming capability to realise your applications.
We are not limited to one manufacturer’s portfolio of products. We can supply complete solutions from acquisition to processing to mass media storage.
We can offer service support for the lifetime of our systems.

We are Distributors for the following Products

Image Solutions is proud to be the official GB and Ireland distributor for the DeltaVision and OMX sales and service.

Yokogawa is a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions, delivering…

A revolutionary Tomographic Microscope to look instantly inside living cells in 3D!

MIGHTEX develops cutting-edge all-optical cellular-resolution optogenetics, photostimulation, and imaging tools.

Olympus provides a comprehensive range for all market requirements…

Fluorescence Illuminators for Microscopy & Analytical Instrumentation. 

Broad spectrum disinfectant; killing 99.9999% of harmful germs (highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi)

SPOT Imaging manufactures a complete line of scientific digital cameras for microscopy. 

Our products are used in the research, development and manufacture of biotechnological and pharmaceutical …

ImCubator Cooled and Heated Chamber:
‘Heated Environmental Chamber’.
‘Extended Temperature Range Chamber’

Microscope Accessories

Imsol supplies microscope and imaging accessories for all applications, including the design and fabrication of custom parts where necessary. 

Below are just a few of the items that we can supply. Contact us if you need more information or if you don’t see the part that you are looking for.

Olympus UIS2 Objective Lenses guarantee the quality, flexibility and outstanding optical performance from visible light to near infrared light. Depending on requirements, extensive lineup ensure the availability of choice for your requirement.

Image Solutions has the ability to manufacture custom parts for imaging systems to suit customers’ needs. This service is ideal for users that require a product or part that is not readily produced or currently in production. Imsol are able to offer this service thanks to our engineering division, which is equipped with CAD/CAM technology.

Custom blended optical liquids formulated to your desired specifications of refractive index, wavelength, and temperature for use with lasers and in other specialty optical applications. Laser Liquids are also used as custom blended refractometer calibration fluids.

X-Cite products are known for maximum stability and superior illumination uniformity for fluorescence microscopy applications, with lamp-based solutions that provide the convenience of pre-aligned, long-life lamps and easy installation.

Suitable for DIC observations from 10X to 100X magnification. Especially in the 20X to 40X observation range, high contrast or high resolution can be selected according to the thickness of the specimen. Also compatible with 4X to 100X phase contrast observation by combining other optical components.

Dichroic mirror for fluorescence microscopy.