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NANOLIVE 3D Cell Explorer

Live Cell Imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer: Take your Cell Research to the Next Dimension


Live cell imaging in physiological conditions without any bleaching or phototoxicity


Measurement of cell processes from seconds to weeks


High resolution and high sensitivity characterization of multiple cell organelles based on their refractive index

“It (the 3D Cell Explorer) is absolutely fantastic! Its ease of operation, intuitive nature, compact size, rapid imaging and no need for stains make this a system I would certainly recommend and it would certainly support many different kinds of research.”


Dr. Wojtek Chrzanowski
Faculty of Pharmacy and the Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology at the University of Sydney, Australia

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Look Deeper

Non-invasive characterization of live cells in physiological conditions

The 3D Cell Explorer measures the quantitative refractive index of cell organelles in seconds. Hence, it is possible to do non-invasive in vitro imaging of almost any kind of cells with up to 30 μm depth of reconstruction. This allows for biological features to be segmented based on their physical characteristics.

Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) undergoing cell division: 2D slice from RI map in grayscale and 3D reconstructions digitally stained.

Label-free continuous observation of cell processes from seconds to weeks

T685A human melanoma cell undergoing apoptosis


Study cell life cycle processes of growth, division & death in 3D and 4D. Thanks to a dedicated top-stage incubator you can monitor cell compartments and their kinetics and dynamics in real-time at every second without interfering with their natural physiology.


High resolution and high sensitivity characterization of multiple cell organelles based on their refractive index. Explore and measure up to 8 cell organelles simultaneously with unprecedented detail and resolution, marker-free and preparation-free based on their own physical density.

Mouse fibroblasts and their internal compartments: a. mitochondr ia; b. plasma membrane; c. actin fibers; d. lipid droplets; e. lysosomes; f. nuclear envelope, nucleus & nucleoli.

Discover More

Long Term Live Imaging of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for 15 hours – in 3D


Label-free unstained 3D cells
Long observation time
New space for discoveries


Multiplexing, unique organelle segmentation
Quantitative data analysis


No sample preparation
Short setup time
Fast & easy acquisition


Top-stage incubator, pipettors, microfluidic devices, …

Technical Features 3D Cell Explorer

ResolutionΔx,y = 200nm; Δz = 400nm
Field of View85 x 85 x 30 μm
Tomography frame rate0.5 fps 3D image rate with full self-adjustement
Microscope ObjectiveAir with 60x magnification
Illumination SourceClass 1 laser low power
(λ=520 nm, sample exposure 0.2 mW/mm2)
Accessible Sample Stage60 mm of free access to the sample stage for sample manipulation
Dimensions38 cm x 17 cm x 45 cm