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CV1000 - All-in-One Confocal Imaging Solution



The Ideal Tool for Long-Term Live Cell Imaging


The CellVoyager CV1000 Confocal Scanner System is a fully integrated desktop imaging system.
With its microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disc scanning technology, phototoxicity and photobleaching are drastically reduced, making it ideal for use in observing highly delicate life processes such as iPS/ES cell generation and embryogenesis. The system is easy to use and eliminates the need for a dark room.


Cell-friendly confocal microscope

  • Microlens-enhanced Dual Nipkow Scanning means low phototoxicity / photo bleaching!
  • Offers clear-cut real confocal images!

Most stable environment control

  • No need for severe temperature control of your lab!
  • Capable of really long-term live cell imaging in a dish, covered glass chamber or microplate!

You no longer lose the best shot

  • Map View function enables quick search for the target area!
  • Can seamlessly check the full events in life by multi-point time lapse imaging!
  • Autofocus searches for the cell adhesion plane all the time

Provides all functions necessary for live cell imaging within a box


  • No need for a dark room!
  • No need for a vibration isolator!