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CV1000 - All-in-One Confocal Imaging Solution

The Ideal Tool for Long-Term Live Cell Imaging

The CellVoyager CV1000 Confocal Scanner System is a fully integrated desktop imaging system.
With its microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disc scanning technology, phototoxicity and photobleaching are drastically reduced, making it ideal for use in observing highly delicate life processes such as iPS/ES cell generation and embryogenesis. The system is easy to use and eliminates the need for a dark room.


Cell-friendly confocal microscope

  • Microlens-enhanced Dual Nipkow Scanning means low phototoxicity / photo bleaching
  • Offers clear-cut real confocal images

Most stable environment control

  • No need for severe temperature control of your lab
  • Capable of really long-term live cell imaging in a dish, covered glass chamber or microplate

You no longer lose the best shot

  • Map View function enables quick search for the target area
  • Can seamlessly check the full events in life by multi-point time lapse imaging
  • Autofocus searches for the cell adhesion plane all the time

Provides all functions necessary for live cell imaging within a box

  • No need for a dark room
  • No need for a vibration isolator


CV1000 clears the hurdle in Live Cell Imaging



From high-end multi-point, long-term time lapse imaging to single shots of fixed cells.


Laser Filter

Selectable for up to three laser lines. Selectable from 405nm, 488nm and 561nm, depending on the application. Steep optical separation by the specially designed dichroic mirror in combination with the high-yield/high blocking EM filters enables high-S/N sharp imaging. Installable up to 6 EM filters.


CV1000 autofocus optically detects the glass surface to set it as the Z- offset position. It is useful for not only searching for the objects but useful to avoid focus drift caused by the deflection of glass bottom surface of a dish or a microplate during long-term time lapse. Offers high level of positional repeatability when you observe the same wells in a microplate many times, such as for live cell screening.


Excheangable Pinhole

You can select the pinhole size that works best with you chosen magnification, for optimal imaging.


Main unitType3-color model2-color modelSingle-color modelBasic model
Confocal scanning methodMicrolens enhanced dual Nipkow disk scanning
Excitation laser wavelength405、488、561488、561488488
Bright field imagingLED transmission
CameraTypeUltra high sensitive Back-illuminated EMCCDUltra high resolution Cooled CCD
Effective no. of pixels512×5121344 ×1024
XY-stageHigh-precision auto X-Y stage Designated resolution: 0.1um
Z-axis controlMotorized Z-axis control Designated resolution: 0.1um
Objective lens[Standard] Dry: 10x
[Option] Up to 5 lenses can be added
Dry: 20x, 40x Oil: 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x
Water: 60x LWD: 20x, 40x
Silicon: 30x, 60x
Stage incubator*1High-precision temperature controllable incubator
Temperature Range:
30 up to 40oC (Room temperature +5o or higher)
Designated resolution : 0.1oC
Humidity control:
Forced humidification with a water bath unit
CO2CO2 consentration:1-9% or OFF
Gas cylinder*2:CO2 gas
External dimension(mm)W580 x D835 x H532
Utility boxExternal dimension(mm)W319 x D368 x H518W319 x D368 x H346
Control softwareSets conditions for imaging, camera, time lapse, environments*1, 3D imaging,map view acquisition, multi-color imaging , and multi-point imaging. Functions include image display.
Output image file type : 16bit TIFF, JPEG, PNG
Output movie file type : AVI
Work stationController work station, Display
Operating temperature15 up to 35oC (When operating temperature is over 30oC, water cooling of the camera is required.)
Operating humidity level20 up to 70% RH (no condensation)
Power consumption100-240VAC 1.5KVAmax
Pinhole change unit50um/25um Switching time : 2sec
CameraModelTypeEffective no. of pixelsPixel size
Ultra high sensitiveBack-illuminated EMCCD512×51216um
High resolution and sensitive1024×102413um
Ultra high resolutionCooled CCD1344×10246.45um
Auto focusDetection of glass surface with laser + offset
AttachmentFor Single 35mm dish with Stage incubator*1
For Triple 35mm dishes with Stage incubator
For Cover glass chamber with Stage incubator
For Microplate with Stage incubator
For Slide glass *3
For Microplate
35mm dishVenderModel numberDiameter of glass
Cover glass chamberVenderModel numberNumber of wells
MicroplateVenderModel numberNumber of wells
Greiner Bio-One#65589696

*1 Option (Basic model)
*2 CO2 gas cylinder not included with CV1000 system
*3 Option (3-color model,2-color model and single-color model).