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Custom Parts

IMSOL Manufactured Custom Parts

Image Solutions has the ability to manufacture custom parts for imaging systems to suit customers’ needs. This service is ideal for users that require a product or part that is not readily produced or currently in production. Imsol are able to offer this service thanks to our engineering division, which is equipped with CAD/CAM technology.


This division currently designs and manufactures custom parts for microscopy such as environmental chambers, anti-vibration tables and stage inserts.

Custom made parts

PCO Edge sCMOS camera brackets Image Solutions designed custom PCO Edge sCMOS camera bracket to facilitate integration into the imVisage system controller.

Imbidi Slide Holder Image Solutions can manufacture custom stage holders for various stages. Here this example allows a 96 well Imbidi plate

ImCubator Cooled and Heated Chamber Our competitively priced Environmental Control Chambers are custom built to fit Upright or Inverted Widefield microscopes.

Four-Slide Adapter Four-slide adapter custom engineered to fit in a CellASIC stage adapter for DeltaVision stages.

Bespoke Components - Gallery

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