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DeltaVision Ultra



DeltaVision Ultra High Resolution Microscope


A widefield microscope that delivers excellent image quality in a versatile and easy-to-use automated system.

  • Achieve superior image quality: deconvolution improves image X, Y and Z contrast and resolution while preserving data integrity.
  • Flexible: easily acquire complex data from a variety of sample types.
  • Fast: collect more data, faster with smart experiment setup and automated workflows.
  • Reliable: automatically maintain focus for precise long-term multi-point imaging.
  • Accessible: even novice users can achieve expert results.


A widefield microscope that lets you focus on discovery

DeltaVision Ultra is an easy-to-use and versatile automated widefield microscope system that delivers quality data. DeltaVision Ultra builds on a legacy of excellent image quality and innovation to facilitate scientific discovery. The system can reveal the details in even the most challenging samples, including dim and live biology. A new sample-driven workflow simplifies experiment design, accelerating time to results.

Data that makes the difference

High quality data is about seeing the structures that matter. Designed specifically for widefield imaging, the DeltaVision Ultra’s light path is optimized to produce the cleanest raw data. The proprietary deconvolution method further enhances data quality by reassigning background signal to boost image contrast and resolution while maintaining quantitative results. Previously unseen details are revealed, advancing your research one question at a time.

Supports evolving research needs

As research questions progress, biological sample and experiment requirements often change. Fixed samples on coverslips are replaced by live cells in a 35mm dish. Assays in chambered coverslips grow to populate 96-well plates. Today’s n of 3 is tomorrow’s n of 300. DeltaVision Ultra tackles most imaging applications, including time-lapse live cell imaging, multi-point cell tracking, multi-well plate scanning, and more. Do more with a single instrument that’s versatile enough to support your evolving research needs.

Let the biology dictate the data

Let the biology, not the microscope, dictate the data. Robust environmental control and maximized light efficiency preserve cell viability, while UltimateFocus maintains focus for precise long-term multi-point imaging. Combining the optimized light path with a state-of-the-art sCMOS camera, DeltaVision Ultra easily captures dynamic events.

Novice users achieve expert results

With all the techniques required for publication, learning to use a new system can make it difficult to obtain critical data. User-centered design minimizes the training burden on DeltaVision Ultra, so time on the system is maximized for data collection. Smart experiment setup defines the acquisition protocol as the user explores the sample and simple workflows for complex experiments allow users—even novice users—to focus on results.


DeltaVision Ultra – Product Specifications

ParameterDeltaVision Ultra with air table and cabinet
Dimensions222 x 142 x 66 cm 
CamerasCMOS detector
2040 x 2040 imaging array
6.5 µm x 6.5 µm pixels
16-bit dynamic range 
Focus7 mm, automated 
Imaging ModesWidefield fluorescence Transmitted light 
HumidityRelative humidity 10% to 80%, noncondensing 
WorkstationCentOS 7 or higher
256 GB SSD OS hard disk
3 x 1 TB Onboard RAID5 Array 
Standard supported dyes and fluorophoresSeven-color Solid State Illuminator (SSI) for fluorescence excitation White LED for transmitted light 
Stage travel106 mm × 70 mm 
Standard objective lens60x 1.42 NA Plan ApoN 
Standard supported sample typesMicroscope slides (75 mm × 25 mm)
35 mm dishes
Chambered coverglass (24 × 60 mm)
Chambered microscope slides (75 × 25 mm)
SBS footprint multi-well plates