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23 Mar 2020


COVID-19 We are all facing huge challenges in these testing times but we want to reassure you that we are committed to keeping our supply and service support functional whilst […]

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12 Mar 2020

Research -Nanolive

Besnoitia besnoiti bradyzoite stages induce suicidal- and rapid vital-NETosis. “Live cell imaging by 3D holotomographic microscopy (Nanolive®) unveiled rapid vital NETosis against this parasite…” (Ershun Zhou et al, 2019). Research […]

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12 Feb 2020

iPad Pro with every Nanolive p

iPad Pro 64GB with every Nanolive system, purchased before 1st of May 2020. * Terms & Conditions apply

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15 Jan 2020

Replace X-Cite Liquid Light Gu

X-Cite® Liquid Light Guides When should light guides be replaced? It is usually time to replace a light guide when: • Illumination is low and replacing the lamp does not […]

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06 Jan 2020

Research | DeltaVision OMX SR

DeltaVision OMX SR microscope was used in this research (Clement Gallay et al, 2019) to acquire images… Research | September 19, 2019 Spatio-temporal control of DNA replication by the pneumococcal […]

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