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Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) have announced the termination of its Imaging and Analysis Systems Division, resulting in immediate discontinuation of the development, manufacture and sales of the pioneering DeltaVision and OMX, high- and super-resolution microscopes and the closure of the company’s Seattle facility.

Manufacturer service support for all current DeltaVision and OMX systems will continue to be maintained through to 31 December 2025, with spare parts and system components provided through Leica Microsystems, which is a Danaher Corporation sister company to Cytiva.

As a formally appointed Leica Microsystems Authorised Service Provider, Imsol will continue to deliver unbroken support to all its UK and European DeltaVision and OMX customers through to 2026. Moreover, whilst an adequate pool of repairable and recyclable system spare parts remains in circulation, together with Imsol manufactured spare parts, Imsol support will be maintained for an indefinite period, extending significantly beyond 2026, as is currently the case with the already obsoleted DeltaVision and OMX instrument variants presently under Imsol support.
Consequently you can rest assured of continued, unbroken service support for your DeltaVision and OMX microscopes well into the foreseeable future.

DeltaVision and OMX microscopes remain unparalleled as biological discovery microscopy platforms, and represent a significant continuing financial commitment for any institute. To maintain and protect the value of this investment, we strongly recommend your instruments are covered by premium level Imsol service and maintenance support contracts.




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