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Alzheimer Aβ Assemblies Accumulate in Excitatory Neurons upon Proteasome Inhibition and Kill Nearby NAKα3 Neurons by Secretion
Hitomi Komura, Shota Kakio, Tomoya Sasahara, Yoshie Arai, Naomi Takino, Michio Sato, Kaori Satomura, Takayuki Ohnishi, Yo-ichi Nabeshima, Shin-ichi Muramatsu, Isao Kii, Minako Hoshi
Published February 28, 2019 in iScience


Mutual Destruction of Deep Lung Tumor Tissues by Nanodrug‐Conjugated Stealth Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Sang‐Woo Kim, Yeon Kyung Lee […] Dongwoo Khang
Published February 26, 2018 in Advanced Science, Volume5, Issue5


Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist and Glucagon Increase Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion in Beta Cells via Distinct Adenylyl Cyclases
Young-Sun Lee, Hee-Sook Jun
Published 2018 in International Journal of Medical Sciences


FF-10502, an Antimetabolite with Novel Activity on Dormant Cells, Is Superior to Gemcitabine for Targeting Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Shinji Mima, Chihaya Kakinuma […] Hiroyuki Iwamura
Published July 1, 2018 in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Volume 366, Issue 1


Loss of the fragile X mental retardation protein causes aberrant differentiation in human neural progenitor cells
Naohiro Sunamura, Shinzo Iwashita, Kei Enomoto, Taisuke Kadoshima & Fujio Isono
Published August 2, 2018 in Scientific Reports volume 8


A β1-tubulin–based megakaryocyte maturation reporter system identifies novel drugs that promote platelet production
Hideya Seo, Si Jing Chen […] Koji Eto


Dynamic Formation of Microvillus Inclusions During Enterocyte Differentiation in Munc18-2–Deficient Intestinal Organoids
Mohammed H. Mosa, Ophélie Nicolle […] Henner F. Farin
Published 2018 in CMGH Volume 6, Issue 4, Pages 477–493


Lipophagy maintains energy homeostasis in the kidney proximal tubule during prolonged starvation
Minami S, Yamamoto T […] Isaka Y
Published August 16, 2017 in NCBI


The AAA+ ATPase TRIP13 remodels HORMA domains through N‐terminal engagement and unfolding
Qiaozhen Ye, Dong Hyun Kim[…]Kevin D Corbett
Published August 2017 in The EMBO Journal, Volume 36, Issue 16


Chromosome Mis-segregation Generates Cell-Cycle-Arrested Cells with Complex Karyotypes that Are Eliminated by the Immune System
Santaguida S, Richardson A[…]Amon A
Published June 19, 2017 in NCBI


53BP1 and USP28 mediate p53 activation and G1 arrest after centrosome loss or extended mitotic duration
Franz Meitinger, John V. Anzola[…]Karen Oegema
Published July 18, 2016 in Journal of Cell Biology