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Live Cells Analytics – EVE Analytics


A solution for unbiased, non-invasive, continuous analysis & quantification in live cell imaging

Continuous, multiplexed live cell data, multi-parametric readout


EVE Analytics


Nanolive’s CX-A and 3D Cell Explorer-fluo together with its quantification software EVE Analytics, represents a significant breakthrough in the field of quantitative live cell imaging and analysis.

EVE Analytics’ user-friendly interface offers a segmentation and analysis solution specific to Nanolive’s content rich data which can deliver meaningful metrics with the highest biological relevance.

Works over long-term experiments where cell confluency changes significantly with no reduction in quality and automatically calculates and delivers numerous live cell metrics in parallel such as dry mass, cell count, cell confluency, cell circularity, cell perimeter, cell area, etc.

Bringing target context into phenotypic drug discovery


Cell behavior is a more accurate representation of disease than a single molecular target, so the activity of therapeutic candidates will likely be more predictable in the clinic.

Quantifying changes in cell behavior unveils new targets in diseases for which there are currently no known targets.

Video: Pre-adipocytes become rounder and lose dry mass | Glioblastoma cells division is heavily impacted from start

Video: RTK-inhibition provokes cell death in both cell population but triggers different types of cell death: apoptosis in pre-adipocytes and necroptosis in glioblastoma cells.

Automatically extract continuous, multiplexed, multi-parametric data

Nanolive’s continuous, multiplexed, multi-parametric data accurately delivers simultaneous analysis of cell morphology, composition, and population dynamics of living cells over long periods of time from seconds to weeks.

Cell morphology


  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Compactness
  • Extent
  • Ellipticity
  • Form factor (circularity)

Cell composition


  • Mean Refractive Index
  • Dry mass
  • Mean dry mass density
  • Granularity

Cell populations


  • Cell count
  • Confluency
  • Total dry mass