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CQ1 – Specifications

CQ1 – Specifications



Item Specifications
Optics Microlens enhanced dual wide Nipkow disk confocal,
Phase contrast (Optional add-on)
Laser/Filter Laser : Choose 2-4 lasers from 405/488/561/640nm,
10-position Filter wheel (built-in)
Camera sCMOS 2560×2160pixel, 16.6×14.0mm
Objective lens Max.6 lenses
(Dry: 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x Long working distance: 20x, 40x
Phase contrast: 10x, 20x )
Sample vessel Microplate (6, 24, 96, 384 well), Slide glass,
Cover glass chamber*1, Dish (35, 60mm*1)
XY stage High-precision XY stage, designated resolution 0.1µm
Z focus Electric Z motor, designated resolution 0.1µm
Autofocus Laser autofocus, Software autofocus
Feature data Number of cells/cellular granules, Intensity, Volume, Surface area, Area, Perimeter, Diameter, Sphericity, Circularity, etc
Data format Image : 16bit TIFF file (OME-TIFF), PNG
Numerical data : FCS, CSV, ICE
Workstation Measurement and analysis workstation
Size/weight Main unit : 600×400×298mm 38kg
Utility box : 275×432×298mm 18kg
Environment 15 – 30oC、20 – 70%RH No condensation
Power consumption Main unit and Utility box : 100-240VAC 800VAmax, Workstation : 100-240VAC 650VAmax


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