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CV1000 – System Configuration

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CV1000 – System Configuration

CV1000 clears the hurdle in Live Cell Imaging







From high-end multi-point, long-term time lapse imaging to single shots of fixed cells.



Selectable for up to three laser lines.
Selectable from 405nm, 488nm and 561nm, depending on the application. Steep optical separation by the specially designed dichroic mirror in combination with the high-yield/high blocking EM filters enables high-S/N sharp imaging. Installable up to 6 EM filters.



CV1000 autofocus optically detects the glass surface to set it as the Z- offset position. It is useful for not only searching for the objects but useful to avoid focus drift caused by the deflection of glass bottom surface of a dish or a microplate during long-term time lapse. Offers high level of positional repeatability when you observe the same wells in a microplate many times, such as for live cell screening.

Exchangeable pinhole


You can select the pinhole size that works best with you chosen magnification, for optimal imaging.

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