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CV1000 – Specifications

CV1000 – Specifications



Confocal Scanner System
Model CV1000
Main unit Type 3-color model 2-color model Single-color model Basic model
Confocal scanning method Microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disk scanning
Excitation laser wavelength 405、488、561 488、561 488 488
Bright field imaging LED transmission
Camera Type Ultra high sensitive Back-illuminated EMCCD Ultra high resolution Cooled CCD
Effective no. of pixels 512×512 1344 ×1024
XY-stage High-precision auto X-Y stage Designated resolution: 0.1um
Z-axis control Motorized Z-axis control Designated resolution: 0.1um
Objective lens [Standard] Dry: 10x
[Option] Up to 5 lenses can be added
Dry: 20x, 40x Oil: 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x
Water: 60x LWD: 20x, 40x
Silicon: 30x, 60x
Stage incubator*1 High-precision temperature controllable incubator
Temperature Range:
30 up to 40oC (Room temperature +5o or higher)
Designated resolution : 0.1oC
Humidity control:
Forced humidification with a water bath unit
CO2 CO2 consentration:1-9% or OFF
Gas cylinder*2:CO2 gas
External dimension(mm) W580 x D835 x H532
Weight(kg) 93
Utility box External dimension(mm) W319 x D368 x H518 W319 x D368 x H346
Weight(kg) 16 10
Control software Sets conditions for imaging, camera, time lapse, environments*1, 3D imaging,map view acquisition, multi-color imaging , and multi-point imaging. Functions include image display.
Output image file type : 16bit TIFF, JPEG, PNG
Output movie file type : AVI
Work station Controller work station, Display
Operating temperature 15 up to 35oC (When operating temperature is over 30oC, water cooling of the camera is required.)
Operating humidity level 20 up to 70% RH (no condensation)
Power consumption 100-240VAC 1.5KVAmax


Pinhole change unit 50um/25um Switching time : 2sec
Camera Model Type Effective no. of pixels Pixel size
Ultra high sensitive Back-illuminated EMCCD 512×512 16um
High resolution and sensitive 1024×1024 13um
Ultra high resolution Cooled CCD 1344×1024 6.45um
Auto focus Detection of glass surface with laser + offset
Attachment For Single 35mm dish with Stage incubator*1
For Triple 35mm dishes with Stage incubator
For Cover glass chamber with Stage incubator
For Microplate with Stage incubator
For Slide glass *3
For Microplate


35mm dish Vender Model number Diameter of glass
MatTek P35G-0-14-C φ14
P35G-0-10-C φ10
IWAKI 3911-35 φ12
Matsunami D110300 φ14
Greiner 627860 φ20
ibidi 81158 φ21
BD 351008 φ20
Cover glass chamber Vender Model number Number of wells
IWAKI 5232-008 8
NUNC 155411 8
155409 8
Microplate Vender Model number Number of wells
IWAKI 5816-006 6
5826-024 24
5866-096 96
5883-384 384
Greiner Bio-One #655896 96
#781896 384
AURORA 00019299B.200.EB.ULB 384
PerkinElmer #6007430 384

*1 Option (Basic model)
*2 CO2 gas cylinder not included with CV1000 system
*3 Option (3-color model,2-color model and single-color model)


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