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29th March 2022

Designing Spheroids

DRUG DISCOVERY February 21, 2022 By Ph.D. Nobuhiko Kojima Designing Spheroids 3D spheroid/organoid models are becoming the new standard for drug discovery applications because of their […]

8th February 2022

Olympus X Line Objectives

White Paper X Line Objectives Offer Revolutionary Optical Performance Thanks to Advanced Manufacturing Technology Introduction   Researchers use microscopes as an essential tool for advancing […]

20th January 2022


PolyScan3 We are pleased to announce the release of PolyScan3, Mightex new software platform for scientific experiments. PolyScan3 provides a turn-key solution for integration and […]

1st October 2021

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2021

PCO Edge sCMOS camera brackets Image Solutions designed custom PCO Edge sCMOS camera bracket to facilitate integration into the imVisage system controller. Watch this space […]

2nd September 2021

Nanolive- Eve Analytics

    EVE Analytics for the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo Rediscover your cells with EVE Analytics’ unique, robust, and high-precision segmentation technique. Thanks to EVE Analytics […]

    DELTAVISION AND OMX SYSTEMS LONG-TERM SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE SUPPORT Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) have announced the termination of its Imaging and […]

16th November 2020

Software upgrade

Software Upgrade Team to Site Under normal circumstances Imsol would deploy a software upgrade team to site, but lockdown rules prohibit entry to these labs. […]

9th November 2020

Custom Design Furniture

Custom Designed Furniture Image Solutions custom designed furniture to fit two DeltaVisions into the space of one with Covid safe precautions.

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