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21st March 2019

Four-Slide Adapter

Four-Slide Adapter Four-slide adapter custom engineered to fit in a CellASIC stage adapter for DeltaVision stages.

14th March 2019

CV1000 in a box!

The tower of boxes which will soon be a high end spinning disk confocal microscope! #yokogawa

5th March 2019

CellASIC® ONIX2 Platform

The second generation CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System is a refined, yet powerful automated platform for precise manipulation of multiple key cell culture parameters, enabling measurement […]

4th March 2019

NEW CellASIC M04T Plates

NEW CellASIC® ONIX M04T Microfluidic Plate for Mammalian Cells. The new M04T pad trap plates for 12 µm cells utilise microfabricated PDMS pillars that extend […]

26th February 2019

X-Cite Liquid Light Guides

X-Cite® Liquid Light Guides – Stock up before Brexit! The manufacturer recommends that the light guide is changed with every second lamp change. Imsol offer […]

25th February 2019

Dr. Sam Swift – OMX SR

Sam Swift ~ Wrapping up here in Seattle with some processing tips and tricks on OMX with our sectioned kidney slides. Proving once and for […]