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ImSol Team

"It took 10 years to build the team and the key members of that team have stayed loyal to IMSOL  for at least 12 years.

One of our customers describes them as the 'league of extraordinary gentlemen' and I agree." 

Ian Corless, Managing Director

"I joined ImSol many years ago. At that time, my reason for becoming part of the company was that I wished to be part of a compact, dynamic and forward looking organisation. To me, this type of company would be able to react quickly to customer needs and provide effective support.

Over a decade later I am still helping 
to deliver the above. I am also delighted to say that ImSol has moved into some new "cutting edge" arenas and use highly customisable solutions which is where we feel the future lies. We are unique in being able to offer "big system" delivery, programming skills, service, support and training." 

Dr. Andrew Billington, Application Scientist

"I have been with ImSol for over 12years. In this time I have developed an expanding service support system putting the needs of our customer first. Whilst the equipment evolves, support has always remained at a consistent high standard.  I enjoy working with complex equipment and it never ceases to surprise me how these systems are used in the various scientific fields.

The company has an amazing group of people with complimentary skill sets that cover a wide range of equipment, applications and experience. It is these people who with their incredible abilities that provide remarkable solutions for difficult problems. I feel very privileged to be involved with and part of a group of people and a company that provide solutions for imaging.

Peter Sumner, Service Support Manager

"As a keen member of the Image Solutions team, I like to think that I am the link between the theoretical and achievable. Having over 35 years experience, delivering mechanical solutions within the imaging and automated machinery industry.

I am happy at handling million pound projects down to 'one-off' componentry worth tens of pounds.

Initially developing the 'imcubator' product as a live cell option for the DeltaVision product, I have provided many other mechanical solutions for real world laboratory problems.

Having our own fully equipped workshop, including the latest 3D design and CNC manufacturing equipment, makes the theoretical possible.

We can offer the service from concept to delivery of bespoke automated imaging machinery.
If you have an idea, talk to us and see what we can deliver!"

Paul Cullingford, Engineering Business Development Manager