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Paul Cullingford

Paul Cullingford

Engineering Business Development Manager

Paul Cullingford joined ImSol in 2008. He is an Engineering Business Development Manager. He has 10 years of experience within the live-cell imaging industry. His main responsibility at Image Solutions cover the design and development of accessories for the core imaging business including: -Cell environmental conditioning (temperature, humidity and gasses) -Design and development of bespoke imaging equipment hardware -Repair and refurbishment of imaging equipment. Paul Cullingford has worked as a Mechanical Engineer for over 35 years gaining experience within a broad spectrum of predominately manufacturing industries. His strengths are Design, Development and Production. Since he started he has developed a number of projects for Image Solutions. Some of these are: -imcubator: live-cell imaging incubation system; -imcubator: cool, cooling system for under-ambient conditions. Paul can offer the service from concept to delivery of bespoke automated imaging machinery. If you have an idea, talk to him and see what he can deliver!

“I am extremely proud to work with such a professional and dedicated team who make me feel a valued and necessary cog within the well-oiled machine, that is appropriately called ‘Image Solutions’ ”

Paul Cullingford, Engineering Business Development Manager