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Ian Corless

Ian Corless

Managing Director

Ian Corless founded Image Solutions in 1993. His background was originally a BSc (Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering followed by 5 years as a design engineer. Ian loved his job and the people he worked with but came dissented with the financial rewards and with the desperation to own a Porsche 911. This led him to make a career move into technical sales. Ian learned a lot in a short space of time and found the commercial world challenging and rewarding the 911 followed (theme develops). He ended up running his own business as the result of a poor career move joining a company that did not live up to expectations he found himself looking for a job. If he was ever going to start a business, this was it.

Image Solutions

CEO's message

“Proudest moments in business are securing the DeltaVision franchise from API & then re-securing that business from GE Healthcare. I am particularly pleased to have recruited a strong knowledgeable team of seasoned professionals to represent our company.”