Expertise in scientific imaging

Dr. Alex Booth

Dr. Alex Booth

Field Services Engineer

Alex completed his PhD studying organogenesis in the Drosophila embryo, utilising confocal and structured illumination (OMX) super-resolution microscopy. He then progressed to postdoctoral research where he made use of live-cell widefield fluorescence (Deltavision), confocal, super-resolution (OMX) microscopy alongside multi-photon optopharmacology and laser photoablation to probe the role of the cytoskeleton in mammalian and yeast mitosis. Whilst working as a postdoctoral researcher he was the point-of-contact for the laboratory Deltavision suite, engaging with engineers to implement upgrades and troubleshoot issues.

“Looking for a new challenge after research, I moved to Imsol as a Field Services Engineer in order to help researchers achieve their research goals utilising Imsol’s versatile and powerful product range.”

Dr. Alex Booth, Field Services Engineer