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16th January 2018

GE Launches DV ULTRA

January 2018 ImSol are delighted to announce the launch of DeltaVision ULTRA! DeltaVision Ultra is a high-resolution widefield deconvolution microscope optimized for imaging and analysis of […]

Nano Live Products
13th December 2016

Partnership with NANOLIVE

December 2016 Image Solutions are proud to announce that they have been appointed exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland for the company NANOLIVE. NANOLIVE have developed […]

17th October 2016

OMX and DV Distributors

October 2016 GE Healthcare have appointed IMSOL from the 1st Oct 2016 as the Exclusive Distributors for sales and service of the OMX and DeltaVision Microscopes in […]

2nd October 2016


October 2016 Why don’t you come along and see a demonstration of a Yokogawa CQ1 system to experience 3D imaging and quantification? ImSol will participate […]