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Imsol Financial Service – Equipment Leasing


Image Solutions is constantly striving to provide imaging professionals with the very best equipment. However, high capital costs of the very best instrumentation can slow down or even deny professionals access to the best tools.

It is with this in mind that we offer flexible financial packages such as lease purchase or rental. We can bespoke tailor these packages to suit the individual’s needs.


How Leasing Benefits You


Small initial outlay required

Important cash resources are saved for other purposes e.g. reducing overheads.

Ability to secure immediate use of equipment

Immediate use may be necessary to take advantage of a business opportunity.  Having to wait until capital is available may mean the loss of the opportunity.

All rentals are fixed for the period

As the estimated total outlay of the equipment is known from the inception of the lease, budgeting is made simpler.

Monthly income may exceed rental

The equipment leased will often help generate additional income.  This extra may be sufficient to pay for rental, i.e. the equipment may become self funding.

Flexible rental structure

Rental periods can be constructed to suit the customer requirements and can be up to the expected working life of the equipment.

Leasing allows ease of upgrading

With technology improving at an ever increasing rate, leasing is a sensible option allowing the customer access to the latest equipment, thus keeping them at the cutting edge of their industry.