Expertise in scientific imaging

Tony Edwards

Tony Edwards

Business Development Manager

"I have been involved in microscopy of various flavours all of my working life, from my first position in the early 1980s as an assistant research scientist in the materials technology department at the then Royal Military College of Science (now Defence Academy of the United Kingdom) through to my current 15-year tenure at ImSol. Somewhat unusually, initially specialising in electron microscopy (both scanning and transmission) and x-ray microanalysis before branching into advanced light microscopy and image analysis; utilising these instruments to address a range of metallurgical and materials research projects. I left academia for the commercial world in the early 1990s, joining Tracor Europa (latterly Thermo NORAN) as a sales engineer specialising in x-ray microanalysers but also promoting the company’s Tandem Scanning and newly developed Odyssey laser scanning confocal microscopes. Since this baptism I have carved a sales career in the commercial bioimaging sector primarily selling high capital value advanced optical microscopes, primarily in north and western Europe but also as far afield as Israel, South Africa and Russia; and worked for a number of specialist suppliers including Bio-Rad and Thermo NORAN prior to joining ImSol. My time with ImSol has centred on working with my service and applications colleagues to steadily and significantly grow the company’s DeltaVision and OMX microscopes installed base. I very much enjoy my role within the organisation and the contribution I am able to make to the business. Outside of work I enjoy watching sports (rugby/football/motor racing), cars and family but not necessarily in the order listed!"

"I very much enjoy my role within the organisation and the contribution I am able to make to the business."

Tony Edwards, Business Development Manager