Expertise in scientific imaging



As a leading manufacturer of optical and digital microscopes, Olympus offers a range of microscope systems designed for the most challenging life science research, as well as routine laboratory work, training, and education. Discover upright, stereo, inverted, confocal, and multiphoton microscope systems with excellent optics for precision imaging. Find models suited for specific observation methods, such as brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence.


Olympus offers microscope objectives for almost every digital imaging need. See our specialized objectives for a variety of applications, such as tissue culture observations, laboratory work, cell culture monitoring, multiphoton imaging, and confocal/super resolution microscopy. Discover objectives suited for fluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast, polarization, and more observation methods. Advance your research with our X Line high-performance objectives.

Olympus mirror units offer high-sensitivity fluorescence detection for bright, high-contrast imaging with minimal exposure of the cells to the excitation light. The mirror units are designed by an outstanding filter coating technology in order to produce high transmissions, sharp cut-offs and efficient detections of fluorescence light.