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X-Cite XYLIS is a tru​e arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging applications. It has the broadest spectrum available in a white light LED for fluorescence microscopy and rivals traditional arc lamps for brightness – making it ideal for both compound and stereomicroscopes. Incorporating our patented and award-winning LaserLED Hybrid Drive® technology to overcome the LED green gap, X-Cite XYLIS makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of LEDs without compromising on price, flexibility, or performance.

In addition to its powerful output and broad DAPI to Cy7 spectral range, X-Cite XYLIS offers the ultimate in flexibility – options are standard. Delivering light through a light guide alone or with a choice of more than a dozen microscope adaptors, X-Cite XYLIS can be installed on just about any new imaging system or used to retrofit the microscopes labs have depended on for years. Offering two models with a choice of UV wavelengths (365nm or 385nm), labs may choose the one that works with their preferred or existing DAPI filter sets. When it comes to control options, all are built-in to every X-Cite XYLIS – each system includes intuitive fingertip control with speedDIAL, hands-free operation with a foot pedal, and USB and TTL inputs for automated applications.

The X-Cite XYLIS provides an environmentally friendly replacement for lamp systems and has been tried and tested on demanding microscopy applications including Stereomicroscopy and FISH. The option to turn OFF the UV part of the spectrum will be welcomed by steromicroscope users who want to preserve the viability of their samples.


Features Benefits
Powerful LED Technology Mercury-free, higher efficiency, stability, instant ON/OFF and long lifetime; reduce specimen exposure and scanning times to improve image quality and increase productivity
Broad Spectrum White Light Excitation Excitation of commonly used fluorophores such as DAPI, CFP, GFP/FITC, YFP, TRITC/mCherry/Texas Red, Cy5 and Cy7
Two UV peak options: 365 or 385nm Compatible with any existing/preferred DAPI filter sets
“UV OFF” Mode Eliminate UV exposure when not required, protect specimens and operators
Light Guide Delivery Flexibility in light delivery as well as unit location
Multiple Control Options Simple operation through USB, TTL, speedDIAL or foot pedal (optional)
Optimized Thermal Management Maximum LED output, lifetime, stability and reliability
X-Cite Coupling Optics (optional) Efficient optical output and uniformity with the highest performing coupling optics available


Fluorophore Filter Type Semrock Filter Chroma Filter
DAPI (with XT710S, 365nm) Single LED-DAPI-B 49000
DAPI (with XT710L, 385nm) Single LED-DAPI-B 49028
CFP Single LED-CFP-A 49001
CFP/YFP FRET FRET multiple set FRET-CFP/YFP-C 89002
FITC or GFP Single LED-FITC-A 49002
YFP Single LED-YFP-A 49003
TRITC Single LED-TRITC-A 49004
mCherry Single LED-mCherry-A/mCherry-CmCherry-C 49008
Cy5 Single LED-Cy5-A/Cy5-A-Basic 49006
Cy7 Single LED-Cy7-A 49007
DAPI/FITC/TexasRed Triple Pinkel LED-DA/FI/TX‐3X‐A 69302
DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5 Quad Pinkel LED-DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X‐B 89400
CFP/YFP/mCherry Triple Pinkel LED-CFP/YFP/mCherry-3X-A 69308
GFP/mCherry Dual Pinkel GFP/HcRed‐2X‐A 59222
DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5/Cy7 Penta Pinkel LED-DA/FI/TR/Cy5/Cy7-5X-A


Fluorophore Wavelength (nm)
DAPI 385
TRITC/Cy3/RFP/mCherry 560
MitoTracker® Red CMXROS 580
Cy5 640
Cy7 735


Technical Specifications
Model: XT720S Model: XT720L
Wavelength Range 360-770nm 380-770nm
LED Peaks (nm) 365, 430, 475, 545, 650, 735 385, 430, 475, 545, 650, 735
Input Power Supply Universal input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Current 3.9-1.6A
LED ON/OFF Response Times 100 μs TTL / 1 ms USB
Control Options speedDIAL
ON/OFF – TTL compatible
RS-232 commands (SDK available), USB
Foot Pedal (optional)
I/O Connections BNC input
USB (B-type)
3.5mm stereo plug
Dimensions (W x H x D) 120 mm x 260 mm x 260 mm (4.7″ x 10.3″ x 10.3″)
Weight 6.1 kg (13.4 lbs)
Certifications CE, RoHS
Warranty LEDs – 25,000 hours or 3 years
All other X-Cite XYLIS components – 1 year, parts and labor (excluding LLG)
Patents X-Cite XYLIS incorporates technology protected by patent US#9,239,133

Spectral Curve



Control Options
Manual Control – speedDIAL ON/OFF
Speed sensitive intensity control
1 favorite intensity setting
Left and right-handed control option
Intensity control
Compatible with X-Cite 120PC, X-Cite exacte and
X-Cite 120LED drivers
Foot Pedal (optional) ON/OFF
All X-Cite XYLIS models have input port, foot pedal sold separately

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X-Cite XYLIS is a tru​e arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging applications.