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SPECTRA X light engine

SPECTRA X light engine

Tunable colour bands with exchangeable filters


Lumencor now offers the spectral breadth of an arc lamp and the flexibility of a filter wheel in it’s most powerful and comprehensive light engine design. The SPECTRA X model has been released to afford the end user the ability to exchange single bandpass filters within the light engine. Lumencor preserves performance in the form of cool, stable, robust, spectrally pure, powerful outputs and now allows the user to make his or her own choices about bandpass during use in the field. This provides individual users, core facilities and OEMs an adaptable solid state excitation subsystem on par with the flexibility of a filter wheel but without additional moving parts. The SPECTRA X light engine provides six solid-state light sources generating output in seven colour bands (violet, blue, cyan, teal, green, yellow and red) across the visible spectrum. A suite of seven filters, one for each colour band, is included in the purchase.

The range of available bandpass filters is described here. Additional filter paddles and filters may be purchased at any time to increase the range of bandpasses for the ensemble of sources within the light engine. Each output in the optical train of the light engine remains aligned through filter exchanges, allowing the user to focus on data acquisition and interpretation instead of attending to light source adjustment and maintenance issues.



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SPECTRA X light engine

Tunable colour bands with exchangeable filters.