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Image Solutions is proud that we are staffed by some of the most experienced professionals in the imaging business. Our professionals have over 80 years experience in imaging and microscopy, distributed from dedicated instrument servicing, applications support through to sales.

In addition to our dedicated high specification instruments, our ‘in house’ expertise allows us to build bespoke high quality imaging systems. Critically we will support all elements of your instrumentation deployment through the life of your application.

We offer consultancy, manufacturing expertise and bespoke programming capability to realise your applications.

Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of the solutions we provide and will supply training to you based on your requirements.

Prof. Kevin Sullivan – University of Ireland

"I thank you all for your strong and continued support for our programmes here in Galway" - Kevin F. Sullivan, Professor of Cell Biology, National University of Ireland, Galway

Dr. Sam Swift – University of Dundee

“We chose DeltaVision because it is the best in class for the majority of our applications when it comes to widefield microscopy. The improvements to speed of acquisition are such that we are able to learn about biological systems in a way that many other technologies simply don’t allow." Dr. Sam Swift, Imaging Facility Director, University of Dundee