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Lumencor ...light for life sciences

Lumencor is leading the life sciences with light engines for bioanalysis. Our optical excitation subsystems are designed for bioanalytical instruments including fluorescence microscopes. The company has developed innovative, powerful, pure, stable, durable and cost-effective lighting solutions. We provide discrete outputs through the UV-Vis-NIR spectrum from a proprietary mix of independently controllable solid state sources. Lumencor’s products provide the power of an arc lamp with the durability, stability and flexibility of a solid state solution. Lumencor products are available in OEM and off-the-shelf configurations.

"Light engines uniquely designed for the needs of bioanalysis"



Lumencor offers a true arc lamp replacement with the release of the SOLA SE Light Engine. The SOLA SE produces continuous white light from 380 to 680 nm and is suitable for imaging all the most common fluorophores and fluorescent proteins.

SOLA SE offers the end user an affordable solid state alternative as an arc lamp replacement. The SOLA SE light engine can be controlled by every microscopy software in the marketplace. It offers unprecedented access to solid state illumination at a price comparable to most metal halide light sources used in a host of life science equipment including fluorescence microscopes.

Lumencor preserves performance in the form of powerful, cool, stable, robust, UV- and IR-free light and now allows the user simple integration with existing filter cubes and hardware configurations. This additional flexibility allows individual users, core facilities and OEMs a superior solid state excitation subsystem. Power exceeds most spectral bands of the arc lamps while cost and wavelength range are on par with traditional arc lamps.

Customers will never again have to worry about arc lamp alignment, installation and replacement. The expected lifetime of the SOLA SE is greater than 20,000 hours. Short warm-up time and superior stability mean these are all usable hours with highly reproducible output power. Units ship with a three year warranty covering any failures with the light engine including parts and labor.

The SOLA SE can be integrated with high end cameras. In so doing, they enable light blanking during frame readout. This prolongs sample life and minimizes photobleaching during sample illumination.




Four colour light engine products optimized for the most common fluors used to probe live or fixed cell configurations are available. All outputs (primary and alternative bands) are optimized for comparable performance in terms of stable, durable, powerful, switchable light.


Lumencor offers a powerful, multiband, solid state replacement for the arc lamp: the SPECTRA light engine®. It is optimized for the most common fluorophores used in bioanalysis today, covering the visible spectrum with up to seven outputs, colour bands suitable for both live and fixed cell analysis. Primary bands and alternatives are available to best match the dichroic and emission filter of your choosing. All outputs are optimized with the same performance in terms of stable, durable, powerful, switchable light.


Lumencor now offers the spectral breadth of an arc lamp and the flexibility of a filter wheel in its most powerful light engine design.

The SPECTRA X model has been released to afford the end user the ability to exchange single band pass filters within the light engine. These field replaceable filters mean Lumencor can offer as many as 21 different bandpasses for use within the visible spectrum. No moving parts reside in this SPECTRA model. Lumencor preserves performance in the form of cool, stable, robust, spectrally pure, powerful outputs AND now allows the user to make his or her own choices about bandpass during use in the field. This additional flexibility allows individual users, core facilities and OEMs an adaptable solid state excitation subsystem on par with the flexibility of a filter wheel.



Lumencor now offers complete State of the Art Solid Sate Lighting for Instrument Manufacturers illumination and emission subsystems in a new “CORE” product. In keeping with our philosophy of providing life science instrument makers optics solutions for bioanalysis products, Lumencor now provides a customizable unit that functions as the entire optical train. This “instrument CORE subsystem” leverages Lumencor’s optical design expertise and her proprietary solid state light engines.

The CORE provides illumination to the samples and images the resulting fluorescence emission. OEMs build the CORE into their instruments, be they microscopes, plate readers, diagnostics tools, etc. To accomplish this CORE products integrate multi-band solid state sources, spectral filters, objective z- control, field diaphragm, collimating lens, poly-band dichroic, multi-band emission filter, objective and tube lens, camera mount and electronics all on a common, support structure.


Lumencor Light Engines

Two colour male pig kidney epithelial cells undergoing mitosis