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About Imsol

Image Solutions has been supplying equipment and expertise to the scientific and industrial imaging market since December 1993. The company has had a very eventful last few years, as shown by them: strengthening their support team, forming a new division within the company, and designing, manufacturing and supplying their own wide field de-convolution microscopes.


To complement customer systems, Imsol produce their own bespoke parts and accessories. This service is ideal for users that require a product or part that is not readily produced or currently in production. Imsol are able to offer this service thanks to their engineering division, which is equipped with CAD/CAM technology. This division currently designs and manufactures other custom parts such as environmental chambers and anti-vibration tables. For more information, please click Customised Stage Inserts.


IMSOL staff were among the first to move and commission microscopes in the new Francis Crick Institute. A total of nine DeltaVisionís will be moved into this amazing new facility from NIMR, CRUK and Clare Hall.


Image Solutions offer customised financial packages, including lease purchase and equipment renting. This service is particularly aimed at organisations that donít have capital funding available for such systems, but could gain access to them by using funds from their operating budget. The service includes fixed rental payments, immediate use of equipment and upgrades to the latest products as available. For more information about our finance options, please click Imsol Financial Service.